Over the past decades, Cambodia has faced many obstacles and challenges. Through the sacrifice, determination and support of development partners, Cambodia has overcome difficulties and turned into a peaceful country with improved social order, stability, cooperation and development. Peace, political and macroeconomic stability and social progress characterize this country today. This positive environment is a prerequisite for future growth and prosperity in Cambodia.
On this solid foundation, Cambodia has integrated itself in the region and in the world, and has engaged in both bilateral and multilateral cooperation, with particular emphasis on establishing political, economic, cultural, trade and investment ties.
At the moment Cambodia maintains diplomatic relations with 157 nations. Cambodia has found partners in enhancing friendship and developing fruitful dialogue and cooperation with all ASEAN countries. A historic event last year was the fifth parliamentary elections, which took place on July 28, 2013. The election was conducted in accordance with the principles of democracy, pluralism and the rule of law evaluated by national and international public opinion -> free, fair and peaceful, without threats or violence. With the outcome of the election of the Cambodian people's will, the Royal Government of Cambodia's Fifth Mandate was granted. The Strategy - Phase Three for Growth, Employment, Equity and Efficiency, which are the agenda of the Socio-Economic Platform of the Royal Government of Cambodia aimed at the further leadership and development of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and which will allow the Royal Government of Cambodia to further develop  a more in-depth implementation of major reforms, that is, the fight against corruption, which is the linchpin of good governance and the key to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of public services, legal and judicial reform , the publics continuing financial reform, environmental protection and the army reform.
Cambodia has also sought to increase its capacity and capabilities to participate in regional and global cooperation; the implementation of the in-depth reforms aimed to create a modernized structure and proactive system of national economic policy and to strengthen their competitiveness in response to regional and global economic developments in this constantly evolving structure. In fact, Cambodia is active in all ASEAN economic and financial initiatives, especially initiatives to realize the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. On this basis, Cambodia has fully integrated itself in the region and in the world and has played an active role in the international cooperation of all on an equal footing and with equal rights.